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Welcome to Coaching for Leaders' Feedback Tools pages

At Coaching for Leaders we develop managers, leaders, teams and whole organisations, nationally and internationally. We’ve worked with over 200 companies and thousands of individuals, supporting and growing their thinking, cultivating their ability to inspire, and channeling their energy to deliver.

We’ve learned that respectful, honest, balanced and timely feedback is a key contributor to enhancing the performance, learning and development of individuals and teams. Because whatever a person’s role or status, we all value being acknowledged, appreciated, and when the intention is positive, given feedback about our blind spots or how we can become better at what we do.


Coaching for Leaders now offers our own web-based insight and feedback tools for both individuals and teams; tools which encourage the honest expression of people’s views, which capture their responses safely and securely, and which provide user friendly reports that lead to greater clarity, awareness and understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.


Our tools are tried and tested, having been used for many years with clients from many different industries and across the globe, with geographically dispersed individuals, teams and organisations, with large and small businesses alike.

When coupled with skilful coaching for individuals and teams, these tools provide a genuine opportunity for people to celebrate what’s working well, to give proper attention to what is not, to enhance relationships and to make better and informed decisions about where to place or renew their energy. Leading to workplaces where people feel engaged, valued, trusting and rightly, successful. This micro site is focused on our product offering to learn more about how  we may be able to assist you or your organisation in developing further visit the Coaching for Leaders website.